Digital Loyalty – bringing more customers to your business

What is a digital punch card?

The digital punch card is based on the same concept as traditional loyalty punch cards. Businesses have been using loyalty programs for decades as an effective way of retaining existing customers,

gaining new customers and boosting sales. While many small businesses still utilize physical punch cards to reward their customers, more and more business owners are turning to digital solutions for their customer loyalty programs. This is mainly because digital punch cards remove the unnecessary hassle of carrying physical cards, which may lead to misplacement or forgetting that the card is even there.

The digital punch card is an easy and effortless way for businesses to market their products and remain fresh in the minds of customers who have easy and immediate access to their purchases. As a small business, there is no simpler way to implement digital loyalty. Simply choose your preferred loyalty system, register as a business and follow the easy set up process. As a registered business, you are free to operate your personal customer loyalty program and control which rewards and campaigns are communicated to your customers. This way, instead of relying on your customers to return with their physical punch cards, you are able to reach out to them with specific and targeted messages.


How will your small business benefit from a digital loyalty punch card?

Loyalty programs do not only benefit large companies such as airlines and hotel websites. They have allowed small businesses to achieve targeted marketing campaigns and get to know their customers, offer them relevant rewards and therefore encourage them to come back, with little to no effort, from the customer or the business.

Now small businesses can call the shots with their marketing campaigns. They can decide on the most appropriate marketing campaign and review their customers’ behaviour. Because the loyalty program is digital it is easy to access and use. It demonstrates how you value your customers, which will encourage them to return. Digital loyalty is also an effective tool for branding and advertising.

Customers have come to expect loyalty programs wherever they purchase. The benefits of digital punch cards will only enhance the effects of traditional loyalty, resulting in increased sales and effective exposure.