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All you need to start is an web browser or an Android/IOS phone or tablet and Internet connection. Just register to the web app or download the app from Apple app store or Google play store and you are set to go ..

digiPunchCard needs to be connected to the Internet to securely save transactions to digiPunchCard’s servers, send marketing campaigns to your customers and retrieve statistical data for your punch card’s dashboard.

Sure, we support online retailers. You just need to punch your customer’s email address or cellphone number on your digiPunchCard app. We support any web browser, IOS and Android devices.

When your customer makes his first punch, he receives a message from digiPunchCard.
Clicking on the message’s link will show him his up to date balance.

Yes you can. If you have more than one branch, please inform us at [email protected] and we will configure your chain store account.

digiPunchCard drives new customers to your business by turning your existing customers into your best business advocates.

After your customer makes his first punch on digiPunchCard he receives a message containing a link to your digiPunchCard’s page.

On this page your customer is encouraged to share a link – recommending his friends on Facebook, Twitter, email or other social networks, your digiPunchCard.

The friends click on the link and get a free first punch.

Now the friends are your customers and will get your marketing campaigns. In addition, the first free punch will encourage them to visit your business and make a purchase.


Migrating to digiPunchCard is very easy.

When your customer comes to the store with an existing paper punch card, after making his first punch on digiPunchCard, simply update his balance on the back office to match the balance on the paper punch card.

No, your customer’s data is securely kept on digiPunchCard’s servers. We do not pass customer’s data between businesses.

No, they just need to enter their cellphone number or email address to your tablet in order to punch.
Because it is so easy, with almost no pre-conditions – 90%-95% of your customers will participate.

In order to prevent “double punch” the app prevents punching twice with the same cellphone number or email. The app contains a “minimum time between punches” feature configured on the digiPunchCard’s backoffice.

You decide where to place the tablet containing digiPunchCard.
If digiPunchCard is placed on the counter (usually near the cash register), the client will perform the punch independently by entering his cellphone number or email address.
If digiPunchCard is placed behind the counter – the seller will perform the punch.

No, the customer can enter his cellphone number or email address. Punches can be done with his home phone number.

Rewards are used to encourage your customer to keep coming to your store. You can use rewards like a small gift (eg. coffee), a discount in percent (eg. 5%), a discount in price (eg. 5$) or any reward to keep your client loyal.

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