Existing customers will keep coming back, again and again

An effective way to encourage loyalty by offering your customers a fun and easy platform that delivers them rewards and deals constantly. You can engage with your customers on a regular basis in a way that will keep your brand fresh in their minds and attract them to your product through incentives and offers.

Attract new customers

Bring new customers

The platform drives new customers to your business by turning your existing customers into your best business advocates. This is done through social media posts on friend referral scenarios.

User friendly and suitable for everyone

After your customer makes the purchase, the punch is done by entering his cell phone number or email address.
It’s fun, super fast and easy, both for the customer and the business.. Because the ‘punching’ process is so quick, it will not lead to long queues or delays. The platform is suitable for people of all ages and it doesn’t even require a smart phone.

SMS and Email campaigns

This is a non-intrusive, effective way to communicate with your customers via SMS and email marketing messages. Maintain brand awareness through sending promotions and new products straight to your customer. Instead of chasing your customers down you have the contact details of every customer that punches. It is a smart and automatic way of managing and storing your customer database.

White label

Unlike some loyalty punch card apps, digiPunchCard acts as your business’s own customized loyalty program, a complete white label tablet app including business name, logo, slogans, link to you site or facebook fan page, and much more..

Safe and Secure

All customer data is saved on our secured server.
If your tablet breaks or gets lost, all data is backed up and you can use the app as usual on another tablet.
Connection to your digiPunchCard and back office is done with SSL encryption and is password protected.

Social Media

Your customers can register with their Facebook account or manually. They can post or tweet to their friends along with the benefits of referral marketing scenarios and driving new customers to your point of sale, like your Facebook fan page and more.

Performance dashboard

Powerful, user friendly statistical dashboard, showing your digiPunchCard performance with statistics and graphical reports.

Full featured back office

View and update individual customer cards, recent customer activities and update punches manually.
Customize your punch card, monitor reports and statistics, generate marketing campaigns and subscription programs.

Kiosk mode

Kiosk Mode is activated through the back office and prevents your customers from reaching other device apps.

What do you need to begin?

All you need to start is a desktop browser or an Android/IOS tablet or phone, internet connection and you are ready to roll!

24/7 Support

Our experts are here for you on 24/7 through a helpful email support service.