Is your current customer loyalty program working for you?



Customer loyalty programs are a crucial element of a business’ success, even more than ever before.
All of your customers are bombarded with tempting advertising offers from the internet, e-mail, print ads and TV.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or micro business, independent marketer or an online merchant, one thing is clear: You have to be on top of your marketing campaign or you are going to lose customers to your competition, customers that you worked very hard to acquire.

The obvious question is – How do you fight the competitors and give your customers what no one else can?
In this article, we are going to go over the main points of a well-strategized customer loyalty program.

1) Keep a current customer – It’s a lot cheaper than acquiring an entirely new one.
Your current customers know your business and your products.
They have made one or more purchases. Then are more inclined to continue doing business with you, at least until they receive a better offer.

2) Provide your customers with incentives that they will appreciate and look forward to getting. An incentive of a product that your customers have already purchased before is ideal. This is why “Buy X and get 1 for free” loyalty programs are so popular.

In some cases, when there are a lot of products in the store, money value loyalty programs like “Buy for X dollars and get Y dollars toward your next purchase”, are commonly used.

3) No matter what the reward is, it must be significant and achievable in the eyes of your customer.

4) Help your loyalty program go viral. You can use your mailing list and social media to tell potential customers about your loyalty program.
Giving the potential customer an incentive would help convert him from a lead to a paying customer.

5) Using your customers as PR agents, motivating them to tell their friends about your business, can create a new kind of customer stream. Friend referral incentives can do the job – “If your friend buys X you will get Y for free” .

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