Local Small business online marketing strategy

If you have small local business such as a beauty salon, a small coffee house or a small shop – I would recommend that you consider implementing one or more of the following items in your business.
This will help you attract new customers and improve your business results.

1. Let your customers find you on Google.

Google Business offers an opportunity for local businesses to be found on the search engine.
In addition, your business will be visible on Google maps.
You can also update your business open hours, phone and a link to your web site.

2. Manage a Facebook fan page

On your fan page add posts with interesting content like: tips, news, guide manuals and videos.
Give your potential customers as much professional information as you can. Professional information will help in branding you as a leader in your field of business and build a community of fans and potential customers. 
Your fans will be happy to use your services and will recommend you to their friends.

3. Collaborate with your colleagues       

Offer them to be hosted on your Facebook page as a one-time thing or in a regular basis. And also, be hosted on their Facebook page.
This opportunity will enable you to reach a new, quality and targeted audience.

4. Interact with other Facebook pages  

On Facebook you can find pages that specialize in your line of business. Follow them and interact with the posts. At the end of each comment write down your signature.
In addition, and if the page allows it you can write down your business name with your specialty and add a link to your web site or to your Facebook fan page.

5. Instagram

Instagram is a trending, visual based social media. Uploading images from your business on a regular bases will create a feed that can attract Instagram users to your business.

6. Open a YouTube vlog (video blog)

You don’t have to use a professional photographer to upload a YouTube video, you can film a video your selves. It will be more interesting and will look more natural.
You can film a series of tips, short instruction videos and customer recommendations.
Don’t forget to add a link in the video description to your site.