Make your digital loyalty program stand out with digiPunchCard


Loyalty programs are everywhere. And, more recently, digital loyalty programs are flooding the market. Gone are the days of traditional punch cards in the wallet. Now, a new generation of customers prefer a quicker, easier way of winning rewards from their favorite businesses.

But how will your business stay ahead of the competition? With so many offers from other businesses to sign up for rewards programs and digital loyalty cards, customers become very picky about who they wish to provide their information to.

Because of this, it is in your interest to offer your customers a unique digital loyalty program that will immediately show them the benefits of being loyal to your business. A good place to start is with digi Punch Card – the market’s most cost effective and feature packed digital loyalty platform for retailers.
Add a personal touch to your business’s digital loyalty cards

This cloud based, social loyalty CRM platform has many features and benefits that help businesses to gain new customers while retaining existing ones.

But one of the main features of digiPunchCard is its ability to create a customized loyalty campaign for your business, complete with company logo, slogans, links to your website and facebook page and so much more!

Don’t forget about your customers beyond the sign up stage as they will quickly forget about you! Instead, keep them interested and your branding at the forefront of their mind, by causing them to engage with your business frequently.

This is achieved by more than just a logo. The features of digiPunchCard allow you create personalized deals and promotions that your business is offering to the customer, making them feel appreciated and deserving.
Start getting personal with your customers and enjoy the results!

Getting started is simple! All you need to do is download, configure and start building your business’s personal loyalty program.

digiPunchCard operates on your android, tablet or phone and the customer simply needs to enter their cell phone number when making a purchase. This entry records a ‘punch’ and adds to the customer’s loyalty points automatically. The team at digiPunchCard has made things even easier, by allowing customers to register through their facebook account. Now even more branding and exposure can take place through facebook referrals!

Don’t wait a second longer! Try digiPunchCard for free.