Why smart businesses use digital loyalty cards

It is no secret that loyalty programs have proven to be a successful method in retaining existing customers and attracting new customers. The concept of loyalty has dominated the marketing landscape for many years, with rewards programs and loyalty punch cards. But in recent years, it is those businesses turning to digital loyalty programs that have succeeded most.

The concept of digital loyalty cards is similar to traditional punch cards, where the customer is rewarded upon reaching a certain amount of purchases. There is however a big difference. The customer no longer needs to carry around a paper punchcard, which can easily get lost in the bottom of their wallet or mixed up among other cards.

However, convenience and rewards for the customer are not the only reasons why smart businesses turn to digital loyalty punchcards.
How digital loyalty is the smart choice for your business

Digital punch cards have a range of long reaching benefits that smart businesses recognize immediately:

Useful Data – when a customer receives a traditional paper punch card, your business receives no useful information in return. The fact that digital punch cards require the customer to check in with their phone number or email means that you have access to important details for building a customer database. Such information also allows you to keep track of the customers who are more and less loyal through their number of visits.

Effective Marketing – there is no doubt that having all of your customers’ information in the one place benefits your business hugely in terms of how you market different products and promotions. The ease in which a customer receives special deals and rewards will eventually show them how they too can benefit from sharing their information. As for your business, you will benefit by saving costs on traditional marketing techniques and reaching your target market quickly and effectively.

Reach the most important audience – any smart business will know that the most effective way of targeting millenials is to stay ahead of technology and sell their product in a way that is quick, convenient and rewarding for this audience. Remember, the market is flooded with all kinds of rewarding strategies, so it is in your interest to compete with a digital loyalty program that is just as advantageous for potential customers.

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